Thursday, 2 June 2011

RiRi just killed a Man.

Rihanna just killed a man down. Wanna know why she did it. Watch the video posted below and you'll be surprised. This video is freakin' hot (and so as RiRi). Song itself is uber awesome, great story line, very deep, realistic, artistic and the lyrics are just perfect.  

Saturday, 28 May 2011

Quality Time with BFF

Went to Trinoma to see Kung Fu Panda 2 in 3d (which i really dont appreciate watching it in 3d, my friend forced me to do so). Ice scream for a quick snack before the movie started and had a mini photo shoot and had dinner in a Mexican restaurant. Enjoy the pics...

Friday, 27 May 2011

Hot Hats

Gaga wearing a manta ray inspired hat while performing on Oprah.

Lady Gaga dons sky-high-horn-shaped hat.

Princess Bea at the royal wedding seen wearing an "octopus hat".

Lady Gaga wearing a lobster hat. 

Thursday, 26 May 2011

Its been a Long Journey

Woke up early that morning. Had a quick breakfast.  Dressed up a little bit. Rode a jeep going Pasay. Arrived at MOA almost lunch. Entered Teleperformance. Was applying for call center agent.  Underwent a few steps of recruitment process, almost spent the whole day but it’s worth the wait.  Job offered followed. Signed it.  A mini orientation went on. Training the next week. Went home with a big smile and was yelling inside “I GOT A JOB!”.

First day of training (oooppss sleepless nights also started). Running a bit late. Almost the last person to enter the room. Saw many faces (nervous but excited).  Seated in front row. Recruiters were calling each and every one of us. Passed the initial requirements. Those many faces were split into two groups. One for post-paid account and one for collection (where I was assigned to).

Met my foreigner trainor and his Pinay gf who is also a trainor. Felt like it’s the first day of school. US 101 for the next 2 weeks. Good thing, coffee is free. Took power nap. Enjoyed playing video games during breaks.  Started to know who my co-workers are. Had a few crushes :D. Begun making friends. Had a few great friends. Some people didn’t make it (sad but its true). Training went on and on, until we reached the PRODUCTION FLOOR.

Assigned to a team led by a great, compassionate supervisor.  Again, met a few peeps which happen to be a great teammates as well. Team buildings were fun. Met his and her friends (friends of friends). Spent over a year with them taking calls. Learned how to become polite, to be service-oriented, to empathize, and to be patient and irate. Sadly, team got disbanded and my supervisor resigned. All of us were scattered, were transferred to another supervisor. Shift changed. Felt the UMAY factor. Can’t stand the queue. And here’s the sad part of the story, decided to file my resignation letter. Soon will be leaving TP.

Started to render. Just met a few friends again. Starting to feel the sadness. Will surely miss my workmates, the bonding, the laughter, the pantry, the sleeping quarters, free coffee, the avaya, firecastle, clarify, telegence, cacts and the list goes on.  For those people who taught me to be the person that I am now. Thank you!  Well I guess, someone has to move on.

I am now looking at the bright side. Sleepless nights are over. No more workload. Will get to relax for a couple of weeks. Job hunt will soon begin. And another chapter of my life will unfold shortly.

But most of all, this experience taught me everything, to face the uncertainties. Be tough. Stand the criticisms. Be bad if people around you are acting like an asshole and a diva, especially if the situation calls for it. Fight back if needed. if you get yourself into something, you have to get yourself out of it. I don’t wanna cry a river nor shed a tear. I am glad that I was once, became a part of a great team. Will treasure all the moments and will cherish those soon.  I am glad that I have met YOU GUYS. THANK YOU!  

Sunday, 22 May 2011

Alter Ego of Taylor Swift

Scotty McCreery who is famous for his BIG and DEEP voice made it to the final spots of American Idol Season 10 along with Lauren. This guy reminded me so much of Taylor Swift whose approach to country music is younger and makes the genre more marketable to young people (just like me). They are both HOT and charming. No wonder if Scotty will sell million of albums as Taylor does.  

Saturday, 21 May 2011

Solenn Heusaff is LOVE

Just attended Penshoppe Holiday 2011 FS at SMX. On our way to the event, I tweeted Sollen Heussaf if she will be on the show. Surprisingly, she tweeted me back and confirmed that she will be on the said event. Seated on the 2nd row (not bad) and I saw right before my very eyes Miss Sollen Heusaff. She was so pretty, her beauty reminded me so much of Angelina Jolie. Very strong bone structure, her face was so fierce it can almost kill you. As my friend told me, Solenn is <3. Here are some of her pics....
Right after the show. From L to R: Victor Basa, Solenn, THE CREATIVE DIRECTOR FOR PENSHOPPE and a couple of models. 

How can you not love her face, its a stolen shot but still gorgeous. 
All smile at the event. 

The Pic that took me to the VIP Seats

This picture was taken by my friend Jobz Veloso,  right after our company christmas party. This is gonna be the most important picture that i have. It took me to the VIP seats of Philippine Fashion Week Penshoppe Holiday 2011 Fashion Show. I was grateful to be part of their show. Will blog about how their collection graced the Philippine runway. 

My Blog was Born

It was exactly 2:37 am May 22, my blog was born. After a few hours of editing, trying to figure out what my blog should look like and finally came up with this. Will mainly focus on fashion blogging, will also write something about food, celebrities, music, politics (really? :D), life and anything under the sun.